Twitter can now save your tweets via bookmarks feature

By / March 1, 2018 0

Twitter is to launch a new bookmarking feature for tweets. The feature was in an experiment on iOS for a while now but was officially freed for both platforms today.

The bookmarking feature is accessible below the old DM sharing button. The button has now been re-designed and allows you forward the tweet via DM, add it to bookmarks or share it with other, other apps on your handset.

Once you pitch a tweet via this shortcut, it gets summed up to your bookmarks folder; We can way in through the side menu on both iOS and Android. Here, bookmarked tweets will be visible in mirror sequential order of which they were added. This is dissimilar from the Likes feature on Twitter, where liked tweets are classified in the way they were tweeted and not the way they were liked.

The best part is about the bookmarks is that they get synced across devices, so if you own more than one device, appending tweets to bookmarks on one phone will sync them across both devices. Sadly, As of now Twitter doesn’t support syncing for drafts.

The Bookmarks feature is ready for the iOS and Twitter Lite app for Android, Android apps, and Twitter mobile site. It doesn’t appear to be the feature is reaching to desktop anytime soon


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