Top 5 best learning apps for kids – For any Age

Mobile applications are not only meant to be used for adults, but kids can also learn something out of Apps. The Android and iPhone app markets are exponentially seeing the growth, with that we can find almost any category of apps at our fingertips. Apps with such a clean and straightforward user-interface can be managed through any kids from the age of 3 to 7. However, in this article, we’ll highlight some of the 5 best learning apps for kids (<7) so they can train themselves anywhere in the absence of a teacher.

If you stumble upon the play store to check any better educational app for kids, you’ll notice the host of applications are waiting to be loaded into your device. Despite the genuine number of ratings and positive reviews, we fail to download the app we need. Therefore, we’ve researched for you to help you pick a better learning app for the children. Parents have got to be judgemental when it comes to downloading apps; otherwise, later on, the kid may find it less appealing. Consequently, he won’t learn the right way when the app isn’t that effective.

We’ve downloaded and checked several apps from the play store and listed which app performs well in the chart. Here are some of the best preschool apps for kids you can try right now.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC kids app is one of the best ABC learning apps out there. The colorful interface and easy to use controls can draw any kid’s attention. The app is a full package coming for free, there are no in-app purchases, no ads, and it packs only with sheer educational material. It includes phonics pairing, letters tracing, and matching, e.t.c, to help the kid recognize upper and lower case letters with a sound each time they complete the game. Tracing exercise will help a kid to understand the shapes of the letters better. The app has been downloaded over one million times and received a satisfactory rating from above 45000 plus people, that’s amazing.


  • A colorful English alphabet. – help learn faster with colors.
  • Letters tracing, matching and listen. – A better way to enhance shape recognition.
  • phonics pairing and letters matching.
  • No, ads, No in-app purchases.
abc learning app for kids

Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)

This app is more of a fun app rather than an ABC learning application. It’s a fact that kids learn faster with games, no matter how they play, they feed the data in their brain 2x quicker than the Reading. For some grown-ups kids, Reading is on another level, but gaming makes a kid smarter too. This app will help your kid with letter matching, bird watching, animal matching, foods matching e.t.c fun activities. Different types of brain games make an app less annoying for kids.

Here a kid will be given a task to match an image to a shadow. Also, there are finding an odd image task, a memory game, and a match card game. This app is available in the google play store for free.


  • Image to shadow matching.
  • Odd image matching.
  • Family images matching.
  • Matching cards and memory games.
Image matching app for kids.

Khan Academy Kids: Free educational app for kids

khan academy app for kids

Khan academy kids app is the award-winning application opted by parents around the world. This app offers high-quality training of maths, puzzles, logic, focus, memory, and problem solving to help kids grow smarter ahead of school. It provides a library for videos, books, and saved activities, which can be revised anytime. The American school librarian has awarded it the 2019 Best learning apps for kids. On the whole, It includes various training courses such as reading, maths, story-telling, vocabulary, executive function, and logic, and memory solving. Meanwhile, learning, kids can collect rewards like toys, bags, hats, this wraps their minds around the training.

Khan academy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a top-class free education for anyone. This app is a dynamic app where they come up with fresh content almost every day, Kids love to engage with wild things, and music attracts them too, believe it, so they’ve included a national geographic content along with songs.


  • Diction, the alphabet, spelling, and early writing.
  • Language.
  • Addition, subtraction, counting numbers e.t.c.
  • Memory, problem-solving, focus.

Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles.

What if your kid doesn’t like reading, music, or any educational gaming stuff but a puzzle?. Puzzle kids app is all about solving the puzzle and is kids’ favorite past time. According to some educational research institute, the puzzles are a fun way to teach a kid about the names, words, images, or any element. Solving puzzles has been proved to be a better logic and memory booster for kids. This app comes in seven different languages including, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Arabic e.t.c. It offers 36 different types of puzzles over Food, animals, birds, transport, toys, e.t.c., for your child’s mental development.


  • High-quality shape-matching.
  • Object-builder- building, cars, and others.
  • Guessing objects – Mystery object with a clue.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – arrange complex shapes to create a bigger picture.
  • Stickers and toys as rewards.
  • No ads, no third-party app or in-app purchases.

Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape

kids learning color and shapes

For nursery kids learning app to the best preschool apps, this very application will assist your kid in picking up shapes and colors of the objects in high-quality pictures. It is not easy to prepare kids for reading and writing, especially when they are so young, This app seems to have an engaging material with an eye-catching design. The gift toggle, the setting panel, is so simple that any kid can play with it in a few attempts. Toddlers love to build things, where they can drag and drop the element to create a building or any given object. The app includes fun features like matching, look-alike objects, collecting, and tracing to help them understand the color and shapes the cool way.

The app has been downloaded over a million times and has a size of 38MB. Any Android version above 4.1 is supported.


  • Painting – color the empty objects with fun paint and later identify the objects one by one.
  • Collecting- collect the colored objects and put them into the basket.
  • Look-alike – match the objects of the same color.
  • Matching – Kids are given the challenge to match up outlines with the shapes.
  • Tracing – Great for shape-pattern and recognition.

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