Apple iPhone X goes on sale in 13 more countries

A lot of buzzes, So many Pre assumptions, and so, Without a fail iPhone X is now available for sale in 14 more homelands as promised.

Israel is the first to have it on the market, and the sales went yesterday. And as of today, 13 more syndicates join the list – Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Macau, Malaysia, Montenegro, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, and Thailand.

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Recently, Apple ramped up production, and the delivery calculations have raised from 5-6 weeks to 1-2 weeks in most of its original markets.

Canalys: India takes on US to become second largest smartphone market

China went ahead the US to become the biggest smartphone market in 2013, and now India is positioning second from it. Canalys published an article today that total smartphone purchases in India touched 40 million units in Q3, 46.5% of them valued to Samsung and Xiaomi.

Canalys: India becomes the second most significant smartphone market. Samsung has been shipped 9.4 million units of smartphones, whereas after a massive 290% increase in shipments Xiaomi, YoY is in second place with 9.2 million units. The Chinese company aims for selling the low-end devices since it fights in the mid-scale, Canalys points out.


Samsung, Oppo, and vivo are substantial in the midfield (between INR15,000 to INR20,000 or $230 to$310), but Xiaomi’s go-to-market innovations might let it overtake the Korean manufacturer within a pair of quarters, stated analyst Rushabh Doshi.

Apple is missing on the chart, despite multiplying shipments in Q3. Analysts say the unimpressive number is because of the low-end smartphone orientation of the Indian market.

Shipments are assumed to keep developing due to “low smartphone invasion and the explosion of LTE,” so the US is unlikely to be able to return to the second position.