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How to play Apple podcasts on your favourite Alexa

How to play Apple podcasts on an Amazon alexa
🕑 2 minutes read

The Amazon’s echo speaker has everything that can flatter us, be it Podcasts, radio broadcasts, audiobooks, Music, News, or anything Auditory. It’s becoming an indispensable device that we can use for a variety of purposes, not only for the entertainment. With its loud Multi-programmed voice, It is still euphonious. It connects with our device and […]

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How to change the text size on apple watch

🕑 1 minute read

It’s great seeing apple watch displays the important information immediately upon looking, but not everyone is going to have smooth reading time, especially when the watch model size is about 38 mm. Eyes get sore, looking at the texts each time for many people of poor eyesight. If that is the case, we’ll walk you […]

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