Samsung shown off Gear Fit2 Pro’s name on its own website

By / August 13, 2017 0

We’ve identified a Samsung Gear Fit Pro has been in the works for a while now, and we have our biggest sign it’s the real deal courtesy of Samsung.

That’s because the Gear Fit2 Pro name has popped out on a support page on its own website beside the model number SM-R365. That model number obtained FCC approval back in June, whereas Way Back this month Samsung registered a trademark application for the gadget called Gear Fit Pro way.

All we’ve perceived is the name and the fact it’ll be out for sale in large similar to the Gear Fit2, but there are no images or specs details on what we can assume from the Gear Fit2 successor.

The word ‘Pro’ though does appear to hint that Samsung could be equipped to offer precise fitness monitoring with the help of its sporty wearable. Having launched its bio-processor last year, the sensor-packed chip could certainly be making its way inside of wearables and is fitted to body fat data Galvanic skin response, skin temperature and, monitoring PPG.

The same tech is assumed to feature in Samsung’s S-Patch 3 wearable, which also rolled out recently in an FCC listing. Modeled on the S-Patch prototype shown off back in 2016 by Samsung, the gadget will continuously monitor heart to an ECG standard, and that quality is bringing it closer to hospital grade HR monitoring Service.

If we notice the Gear Fit2 Pro name is already active on its official website suggests it won’t take a long to unveil it officially. The Gear Fit2 was launched last year in June and with IFA just around the edges, a show Samsung usually has for its Gear S smartwatch updates, it seems as if we might not just be discussing the Gear S4 in a few week’s time.

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