Samsung reported, the next VR headset will have inside-out tracking

By / November 23, 2017 0

Everything about the VR is inside-out. This means that now the headset will no longer need an external assistance similar to mobile solutions like the Gear VR. Samsung is looking forward to making a more capable headset that will give 6 degrees of freedom (DoF), as we have seen on the 3 DoF that the current Gear offers.

Samsung’s upcoming VR headset will possibly have inside-out tracking as this let us room- scale tracking and a more enveloping experience. The company is also aiming to reduce motion sickness and bring a more intuitive UI. The following step will build on experience from the HMD Odyssey and Samsung’s Gear VR.

As of now, there are more than 1,000 titles that assist Gear VR. The company also holds a complete ecosystem of immersive video, shot from 360° cameras through 4K live streaming to the headsets.

The presentation can be watched from the Samsung Developer conference led by Taeyong Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics.

A couple of VR headsets with inside-out tracking were previously announced: the Oculus Go by Facebook and the Vive Focus by Valve/HTC.

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