Samsung Note8 to sport 6.3-inch display and dual 13MP rear Camera

By / May 17, 2017 0

Samsung is emphasizing on getting the Galaxy Note8 right, that’s pretty clear – notably since this will be the only Note-branded device following the Note7 downfall. And now that the Infinity display tech rolled out has been shown up on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, there is not doubt that it won’t be seen on the Note8 as well. But it’s an eye-opening revelation that the phablet’s screen is going to be so big to hold in one hand.

As the china’s new rumor is to be taken as granted, then it will only marginally increase upon S8 plus’s 6.2-inch panel. The Note is believed to feature a 6.3-inch screen, which is pretty much clear that will use the same aspect ratio of 18.5.9 as the company’s other 2017 flagships. If the aspect ratio is expected to be less, that means the Note8 will be impossible to carry in one hand.

Moving on, the same Chinese source highlights on the rumored dual primary camera pattern is truly a go for the Note8. Sadly no other details have come to spotlight this time around. Still, this would be the first top-notch Samsung phone to have such a setup, and that will unquestionably make it remarkable.

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