Samsung may block you to customize the Bixby button

By / April 18, 2017 0

It has been a week since the Galaxy s8 launched, and The users seem to be active ahead of what Samsung galaxy s8 has into it. Reportedly Samsung is not allowing users to customize the Bixby button at their end as this may fall the prominence of Samsung’s much-awaited phone called Galaxy s8. Sometimes biggers phone have not that all the features which may interest them. However, Bixby button is an AI designed to interact or control all the featured devices like TV, A.C. just like Google assistant and Amazon Alexa does. Earlier, Users were informed that they might change the purpose of the Bixby button, instead of opening Samsung’s personal assistant. According to a post at XDA developers, S8 firmware update will prevent the ability to remap the Bixby button by the users. Nothing being taken away since the phone hasn’t even launched yet, But Samsung is blocking a bit of customization to help themselves and users run the Bixby feature by default and not to emulate other services. We should not ignore the feature of Bixby that Samsung galaxy s8 has in place, which is not relying on voice support and this is reasonably an essential core element without a voice.

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