Samsung launches its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ Smartphones

By / March 29, 2017 0

Samsung Electronics recently press-released galaxy S8 and galaxy S8+. These latest phones in the S series will be available at the local stores from 21st April 2017. It’s Amusing that Samsung is a top selling brand regarding profit and when it comes to buying mobiles in India but as the brand is growing older it’s becoming stronger too, and this can easily be seen in its last modifications over S series mobiles which are being launched with much integrity.
Samsung S8 and S8+ were reported to be much-improved versions in this series because of many reasons, take a look at the specifications to know more about the uniqueness that these phones have tapped. S8 and S8+ have some unusual features which you’ll love and which encourage you to buy these phones.

Features like IP68 water, dust resistance, and Fast wireless charging make these phones uncommon to use.


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