Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 receive Android Oreo

By / November 24, 2017 0

Galaxy S8 users are receiving the beta version of Oreo update, And shortly as it confirms the Galaxy S7 will get the update too. Now we pretty much got that the 2015 flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 will also start receiving updates like its siblings.

Reddit user CyberConCoder received confirmation from four different representatives of Samsung, and while support centers aren’t the most reliable authorization for such intel, the sheer number makes it likely that it’s correct.

Screenshots Show all three reps are consistent with their message. They say Samsung will roll out an Oreo update, but prefer not to consider when since the ETA of the upgrade is yet unexplored. One of the Samsung representatives even said his supervisor affirmed the data.

Supporting a three generations old phone is something that Android creators seldom do, but hopefully, we’ll see a shift in that trend.

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