Samsung at its best sold over 782,000 Gear VR units in 2017

By / May 12, 2017 0

Samsung has done an excellent job in selling VR headset which is the enormous amount of any production in 2016. Samsung sold over 782,000 units, and the Sony PlayStation VR, when compared with VR headset, has sold over 375,000 units comes second after the VR headset. Google Daydream View completes the top 5 regarding sales numbers- 170,000 units, Oculus Rift – 64,000 and HTC Vive – 95,000.

Analysts from SuperData Research asserted that the gross VR business revenue was 4.9 billion and possibly will reach to $37.7 billion (of both $ 17.8B hardware and $19.9B software) in the next three years.

The numbers are extraordinary and should not be surprising anyone. However, Upcoming four combined companies might not sell the products as Samsung sold this year because of the affordable price of the Gear VR- which is less $100. Another headset at a reasonable price is the Daydream View by Google. Talking about the headset, The Daydream view by Google comes at a relative price.


The analysts that conducted the research lifts the expectations on how the market will grow in the next three years. SuperData Research assumes that the company will surpass the services by selling consumer software and hardware services. It’s not just limited to the offline market; the online monetization will also be benefited for the Company. The future does not belong to Virtual Reality but Mixed/Augmented Reality.

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