Pixel owners photos/videos cloud storage is unlimited while Pixel 2 buyers will have some cloud storage limitation .

By / October 14, 2017 0

Ever since we received the information that the free/unlimited original-quality photos and videos storage for Pixel 2 buyers owns a time limitation (the agreement ends 2020), Some people with primary Pixels have been staring if there’s any similar limit for their smartphones.

Thankfully, Google has now officially verified that there’s no such limitation with former-gen Pixel phones.

For those who aren’t informed, Google’s Photos cloud-storage service lets users save their photos/videos in two forms: original and HQ quality. Whereas high-quality storage period is lifetime free, those apt for original quality have to pay after a set deadline of storage is consumed.

So for a reason, Google offered a far better deal with original Pixels, on the subject of cloud storage, and it’s good that the company has now officially cleared the air on this.

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