OnePlus 5 Review – oneplus 5 vs galaxy S8?

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Overall Rating Highlights 91%


  • It’s the company’s expensive Smartphone as of now.

  • It can take on Galaxy S8 and Iphone 7 in term of specs.

  • Company this time has offered a better camera.


The best Android Smartphone you might never have heard of before has just arrived in the market.

The OnePlus 5 literally a candid opponent to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, as well as the Google Pixel and iPhone 7, yet its price is significantly less than each of them.

If you’re in the store to buy a new smartphone, here’s why you should go with the OnePlus 5 over the S8.


Though the OnePlus 5 is a kind of smartphone from which you can’t eyes off and is just Hot on the market, it strikes the right stability between practical and aesthetic.

It looks pretty much alike the iPhone 7, which most people think attractive enough, and outshines the Pixel, but not contains the wow factor of the S8, which you can see right at the top of the head. Still, where it has the edge over the S8 is usability.


Samsung performed an unexpected error with the position and design of the S8’s fingerprint scanner &, while it may appear like a small issue, it had a meaningful negative influence on the overall consumer experience.

The OnePlus might be a little less showy, but its fingerprint scanner is spacious, easy to reach and secure – everything the S8’s isn’t. Since you unlock your smartphone many times a day, that’s an outstanding constituent.


While the OnePlus 5 Review, Another benefit has seen over the S8 is durability. The Samsung flagship’s “all glass” design may be remarkable, but it’s also delicate.

After drop tests, it was defined as “extremely sensitive to cracking when released from any angle,” with the back panel particularly prone to smashing.

While the OnePlus hasn’t yet been drop-tested, its anodized aluminum body should assure it can take more damage than the S8. The handset feels solid, but we must check that its protruding camera is a slight reason for concern.


An Android 7.1.1 Nougat operates the OnePlus 5, and we’re gratified to announce that the firm hasn’t fiddled with the stock software greatly, leaving it almost as pure and user-friendly as Google expected it to be.

oneplus 5-vs-galaxy s8

OnePlus’ OxygenOS supplements a grasp of features, but they quite enough all add something positive. Reading mode is the best in all, which absorbs the color from the screen and filters out blue light, returning an e-reader.

Detailed Screenshots allows you to take a screenshot of a full-length page, Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode permits you play the game without being hindered by notifications, and Secure Box allows you store private documents, videos, and pictures in a password-dem folder.

The S8 on the different angle comes pre-loaded with bloatware you’re unlikely ever to make it work, such as Samsung Gear, Galaxy Apps and the company’s own browser, email & calendar apps. Even the Bixby, Samsung’s much-publicized voice assistant, doesn’t work to its full capacities yet.


Camera quality has typically been a weak spot for OnePlus, but the company has really centered its attention on reforming this with the OnePlus 5.

It sports a dual-camera setup, coupling a 16-MP sensor with a 20-MP telephoto sensor.

They work mutually to offer enhanced photography with zoom and being called Portrait mode, through which you can automatically blur the background of pictures, to make your detail stand out. It’s not perfect, as it seldom blurs things it shouldn’t and collapses to blur stuff that it should, but most casual Handset photographers will consider it and have fun using it.

The spirit level feature added in Pro mode is also really convenient, and the whooping 16-MP selfie camera seems very impressive with the screen flash.

The OnePlus doesn’t truly meet the Pixel for camera quality, but it’s right up there with the S8, which is quite an unexpected change for the company.


This appears to be an unusual feature to include, as the OnePlus 5’s battery capacity (3,300mAh) is actually shorter than the 3T’s (3,400mAh), Why? Because the company itself had desired to make the phone slenderer. Individually, I don’t mind a slightly denser frame if it leads to a better battery life.

Still, the S8’s stamina – squeezes out the Power by a 3,000mAh battery – is surely one of its weakest points.

Not only is the OnePlus’ battery larger than the S8’s, but it also has a small demanding screen to power. It will simply get you through a full day of use.

Dash Charge is also super quick, so you’ll be able to recharge it anytime on the Go.

Price and the Verdict

Finally, the significant thing the OnePlus 5 has going for it is its cost. Although it’s the company’s most prized smartphone – by some measure, too – it’s still a lot cheaper than the smartphones it makes a pair of rivals with.

The black color variant, which packs with 128GB of Internal Memory and a mountainous 8GB of RAM, is priced at INR 40878.58, whereas the gray model, with 64GB of Internal Memory and 6GB of RAM, is priced at INR 36782.53. The Samsung Galaxy S8, while, comes with 64GB of Internal Memory and 4GB of RAM, and is priced at INR 56448.03.


The iPhone 7 and Pixel, both of which were launched a year back and are set to be succeeded by new flagships in the coming months, both currently carries a price tag of INR 49098.

The S8 looks eye-catching and has a clearer screen, and the Pixel has a decent camera, but ahead of that, the OnePlus 5 more than holds its own.

It assuredly isn’t foolproof, but it’s great to use, notably potent and has a pleasantly loud speaker.

As the OnePlus 5 Review and battle comes to an end The OnePlus 5 gives far more worth for money than any of its competitors. It officially will go on sale on 27 June and is being stocked exclusively by Oct. in the UK.


    Kenny Lee

    I’ve never heard of OnePlus and I’m wondering what’s the background of the manufacturer. I’ve lost confidence in Samsung since the exploding Note 7 fiasco. I’m now stuck with an old Note 5 that’s deteriorating pretty quickly. I could really do with a decent replacement. I’m just wondering if this phone supports telco in my country.


      sorry for the inconvenience and loss made by Samsung’s mentioned phones, I didn’t know that Samsung makes the explodable phones but We haven’t heard any such issue about the Oneplus’s series whether it is OnePlus 1 or 3T. 

      Yes to Answer your question, it does support Telco in these following countries.

      Austria, Belgium (Nederlands), Belgium (Français), Bulgaria, Canada (Français), Canada (English), CroatiaCyprus (ελληνικά), Cyprus (Türk), Czech Republic Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, GreeceHong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg (Français), Luxembourg (Deutsch), Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

      Further You can also purchase it from an authorized retailers in Bahrain, UAE, Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi, Oman etc – please check for the full list of stores.


    Thank you for the information on the what’s better over the galaxy s8. I have always been a Iphone lover but this is making me think about my choice of cell phone I have now. I find that i have never heard of oneplus and would love to learn more i’ll be back for sure.


      Thanks for the comment.

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