Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4C seen on online store ahead of launch

By / March 4, 2018 0

Before the March 7 announcement date, the xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV spotted on Mi.com Online store. It’s too surprising not to see the product page, but store section displays the television on sale.

The Mi LED Smart TV 4C is the modish model from MI as first it has launched its sibling dubbed Smart TV 4 in India last month. The current TV has a smaller 45-inch display stacked up to the huge 55-inch panel. The 4C also owns 1080 pixels resolution with no HDR support while the more extensive version supports both HDR as well 4K.

The TV comes in India at the affordable price of 27,999 INR or ($429), the model is quite hot regarding the competition but not as dynamic as the bigger model which is priced at 39,999 INR or ($613). The looks or the design justifies the price of Xiaomi’s television, but its smart TV functionality is nearly the same that of the bigger model. The company has tied up with multiple service providers in India and has built the links with set-top box systems, Xiaomi is leaving no stone unturned to launch its Televisions successfully.

Xiaomi has already been launched the LED Smart TV 4 in India back this month, but due to the large demand for the item, People couldn’t avail the chance with ease, As this happens because of flash sale system or the countdown timers. Once the time went down to zero, it showed Out of stock.

Just like what occurred while buying the smart TV 4, Buyers will have to go through the exact absurd situation. Let’s see how Xiaomi, as well as the buyers, manage to deal with its next flash system.

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