Samsung’s new program lets iPhone users try the Galaxy Note8

By / November 21, 2017 0

Samsung is holding a new program in South Korea, where iPhone users are given the opportunity to pre-test the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Note 8 for a month. Isn’t it a deal of profit? The Korean is much revealing out the fact that the offer is targeted at iPhone users, changing the way of merchandise.

Samsung’s Upgrade to Galaxy program opening the barrier to let iPhone users try the Note 8.

Between 21 November and 27 November, iPhone South Koreans can pretty much apply for the Galaxy Experience Program online. 10,000 people will be chosen, and then they have to get their unit from Samsung Digital Plaza midst of December 1 and December 11.

The participation fee is KRW50,000/$45 or around 2500 INR on top of the price of the device that you have to put down as a deposit of sorts. If you opt to get the phone, the participation fee is refunded, and you receive a JBL Bluetooth speaker and Display damage insurance free of cost and discounts on some official accessories.

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