Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Review

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You would’ve heard of Samsung latest IconX (2016) headphones which are the company’s best device yet we shall concern. Samsung Gear IconX 2018 earphones are no less than anything as they get a lot of things right. The FULLY WIRELESS EARBUDS are the comfortable music gadget that is not only designed to give ease to your ears but also music quality is far from perfect that will leave a soothing experience of all the time.

Here you’ll take the impeccable sound quality not what you have listened in a cheaper pair of wired headphones. Here the bass is exceptionally snug to ears without letting us feel too loud or pricking. Tracks will sometime sounds shallow and artificial, just like your music is being run through a few filters, But it won’t keep you from enjoying your favorite songs.

They have doubled up the battery life in 2018 version, which is a plus point compared to 2016 predecessors – a little more than 4 hours of battery life is fair enough to cut out some boredom in a day. Like last year, the IconX is yet discrete and restrained in appearance (unless you order them in neon pink) with a plain plastic covering and swappable silicone ear tips and wingtips. The wingtips support the head of the buds plugs into the upper part of your outer ear. The default tips fit fine in my ear, but depending on the structure of your ear’s antihelix (Use a dictionary for it), you may have to fall for the substitute wingtip’s sizes to achieve a solid fit.

You’ll see no buttons on the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 version, and This was somehow not expected to happen, Rather you’ll look at the earbuds have dinky touch-pads on the side Instead of buttons, and they’re fickle as heck. After using it for a week, it still needs two or three tries to swipe up or down to adjust the sound successfully. Eventually, I have developed the muscle memory which will take me to the next track ( tap it twice) and the previous track (tape it thrice), but I don’t presume I’ll ever triumphantly pull off more complicated gestures. It’s no awe to deserve a graduate certification in Morse code after using these.


The valuable and most considerate gesture is Tap and Hold, which lets you navigate and cycle through the menu options: Ambient Sound, Voice Command, and Start a Workout. Voice Command takes help of Bixby or Google Assistant to furnish your answers, though the assistant’s voice often seems coming out in a muffled way.

An ambient Sound executes amplification of noise around us. As a result, you can still hear things at the time of wearing the buds. Similar to any other sung-fit earbuds, the IconX serve to hush the vibrations of say, incoming traffic. Test both things out, and enable this feature when you feel missing it.

The buds are unable to track heart rate just like last year’s model did, but they will monitor or show you a distance you traveled and steps you took during your activities. Samsung’s Bixby woman-like voice chats with you while you move or run. That’s encouraging you to boost up your pace and updating you on your reach. Would be better to bring along phone or Gear Sports watch during your workout in progress.

If there would be a breakdown to the fitness coaching feature, then it is that one of your earbuds will drain much faster than the other. Whichever choice you go with Samsung leaves up to you, except a half hour flow of one your buds.

The intricate gestures and 4-hours battery duration would be more excusable if the device had a power button. Frustratingly, you can’t power either earbud up or shut them off without taking help of a clamshell charging case. It’s roughly the size of a round, small pill bottle that pops open and snaps closed. The buds are turned off once they’re inside it, and on when they are removed out. That’s the only way to repair them with your cell phone via Bluetooth.

The case provides nearly two full charges prior to plug it into the wall and juice it up, which is fine. My hangup with this carried accessory is that it’s just a little too big to slip into a pocket with my usual accouterments. And it’s less of an assistant than a need. Buds didn’t endure so long outside of their capacity. It’s strange that despite the buds recognize when they’re out of one’s ears credit goes to a sensor, they aren’t smart enough to automatically shut off, too. They appear to keep receiving notifications, and if we start work and they’re within range, they pretend they’re our running jack, Shouldn’t they be smarter than that? Just resting on a coffee table, unused with a 75% charge, both tapped out in 4 hours or a little more than that.

The best advice I can offer you to conserve battery is to store up the 4 GB of onboard memory on the IconX with MP3s over streaming music and at the same time turn off all notification. That’ll add some more hours to your device, according to Samsung. These buds worked like a charm with a Galaxy S8 smartphone. But Trying with an another Android phone, they often showed the weak connection. iPhone users can leverage these earphones, but the fewer features will be available to access.

At $200 or INR 13034.56, the Gear IconX (2018) are $40 more than Apple’s presently-famous AirPods but overall aren’t avidly expensive, given their faculties. They offer some solid fitness features and 4+ hours of battery life per charge. I just wish I didn’t observe the need to carry the bulky clamshell with me every time I use them.

What we like

Small and light enough to make you feel not wearing them at all. Crispy sound quality and thoroughly wireless. Battery life up to 4 hours while streaming which is phenomenal. Two additional charges. Includes motivational voice coach monitor and fitness tracker.

What we don't like

Touch control seems to be a too touchy. Charging case is a little bit bulky on the go. $200 is reasonably too much to spend on earbuds, wireless or not.

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    Nice review! Thank you so much for doing it.
    I was surprised with the “button-less” feature and the use of touchpads; do they have a texture or something to identify them without the hassle to look at them?
    That’s one of the features that I definetly won’t want to lose in my earbuds.

      Gadgetor Team

      Thanks for the comment Alex, No, For the navigation and cycle you have to tap twice and thrice as you are instructed. This is something innovative and cool feature one could easily get used to.

    Susanne Campbell Dixon

    This was an interesting review on these wireless headphones. But they’re not just wireless headphones are they? So much more! I just recently bought a set of wireless headphones because I was tired of the tether from my devices to my ears. I’m happy with what I bought, for the price-point. These ear buds you review seem like they do so much more than just allow listening to your favorite tunes, etc. Thank you for this most insightful review.

      Gadgetor Team

      Thanks for the comment.


    Thanks for the review and also tips for extending battery life for these earbuds. I’m assuming these come with the clamshell charging case right?

    i think they might be a bit too much for me right now but I may look back in again later to see if the price comes down.

    Can you recommend alternatives around $100 – $150?

      Gadgetor Team

      In our opinion We find Sony MDR-7506, the best headphones under $150. You can head over to this website to gather more information on the headphones.  As we have yet to review some more wearable so we cannot pass our opinion without the facts and figures. Thanks for the comment have a wonderful day.

    Marios Tofarides

    Hi Ankit,

    This is a great review of a great product. I feel that it is improved from the previous model. I believe that this is a great pair of wireless earbuds.

    I like the mode-setting double-tap feature and I am not concerned with the lack of beat tracking.

    What I am concerned though is that they aren’t smart enough to automatically shut off. Even 20$ Chinese earbuds can do that…

      Gadgetor Team

      Thanks for showing interest here, Chinese earbuds may be last for 1 month or 2 but Samsung is such a powerful brand to have and it can easily bump on any giant company out there as they are growing very firmly. Some features are missing but still the earbuds are quite worth of checking out. 

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