Huawei patents a foldable display for its new phone.

By / March 29, 2018 0

Huawei is leaving no void to be in the limelight of the tech-world. First, they came with an innovative triple camera smartphone and now the company has patented a smartphone that will be foldable like any other flexible gadget, though smartphones are highly innovative in the foldable category and are seen very few as of current date.

It’s been a month since we hear lots of rumors as to Huawei P20 pro and Huawei p20, P20 pro is the smartphone with the three cameras and will shortly be launched with the boom. Huawei P20 has one more version dubbed Huawei P20 lite, P20’s Cut price version is p20 Lite.

The WIPO is where the patent was registered on 19 September 2017 and published today. The mechanism is somehow looking like Microsoft Surface Book, the only difference we notice is it is quite compact, unlike the surface book.

From the display’s front, it is a single panel, entirely different from what we saw in Axon M- (two-panel display device) and it is hardly speculating that the device is a tablet-sized when it’s opened, Nor the patent shows how the device works when it’s closed. We couldn’t mark how the device will display a notification or how to check them if there is an LED or a new way to see them. To know more about the foldable smartphone via Huawei, we have to wait for the upcoming notifications, So stay tuned for the latest tech news.


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