How to reset an iPhone?

By / April 5, 2017 0

The way to restore your iPhone has explained here, first of all, hold down the Sleep/Wake button along with the Home button[icon icon=”home” color=”#a8a8a8″ size=”14px”][/icon], concurrently for 10 seconds (keep holding them) until you see Apple logo[icon icon=”apple” color=”#e5e5e5″ size=”14px”][/icon] in your display. If your iPhone seems stuck or isn’t responding to your requests then it must be battery shortage that is not allowing the phone to start again, In this case, your iPhone needs to be charged. iPhone AC adapter can come to work, or the USB port (on the computer). Avoid using keyboard’s USB port, as it doesn’t generate enough power to charge up[icon icon=”plug” color=”#bababa” size=”14px”][/icon] your iPhone.

Sometimes You can resolve this problem by updating the iPhone software. Determine that you have got the latest version of iTunes installed already, if not then connect your iPhone, Under devices look for the left column, Now click on your iPhone and click “check for update” in the Summary tab, which will keep track of the latest software. From there on, keep following the paths they instruct you. If you’re still facing problems, you can invite or ask fellow iPhone users for the solution or any colleague who is using iPhone they may help you for sure, consult an iPhone expert, or bring your phone to any retail shop and ask for the solution.

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