New Elite x3 Accessories for Windows 10 Mobile By HP

By / March 1, 2017 0

Recently In the meeting at the mobile world congress (MWC), Hp announced some exciting news regarding on of its windows mobile named Elite x3. As they claim they are about to offer two promising Accessories to assist users that are involved in a retail business or most of the time they have got to scan the inventory information using barcodes in retail storerooms or shipping warehouses. This will only work who have an elite x3 windows phone and it is an external cover just like a jacket- like a device which can be bought separately at $329. Elite x3’s original price is $699 if customers get this with a retail mobile solution then it will cost around $999.

Hey Imgur want to see some magic? (OC)

USB-C DOCK and the Travel hub

Two more gadgets that Hp has promised to launch are USB-C DOCK and the Travel hub

If you already have this elite x3 phone then you will not have any shortage of connectivity through USB cable or you can plug multiple devices into your elite x3 phone.


USB-C Dock will allow us to link multiple displays and devices to be connected to our phone anytime or anytime whenever even at the time of charging.


And another gadget that Hp will provide is a USB-C Travel hub which also allows multiple displays and devices to be linked with charging capabilities. Using USB-C dock users can connect multiple mobiles for charging all through just one USB cable. It is a portable travel-friendly device can be used anytime on the go.

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