Microsoft planing to build a foldable tablet running Windows 10 on ARM

By / October 27, 2017 0

Assume to see the newest Snapdragon SoC powering Andromeda. Microsoft will not position this against any Android or iOS-running competitors, but instead, it will strive to create its corner. A ‘digital journal’ is what it may be called. The company has already admitted that if it ever builds a mobile product again, it will be a different variety of device and not a smartphone. All of that suits perfectly with what we’re now listening about Andromeda.

Possibly it can be a Surface-branded when (or if) it launches, something alike Surface Note or Surface Journal. Microsoft’s hardware partners might take similar devices if it takes off, but this is just consideration for now. Unfortunately, no specs have come out for Andromeda yet, so we don’t even know if it will have one folding screen or two separate displays divided by a hook.

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