Microsoft merges with Samsung before S8 and S8+ arrival.

By / March 31, 2017 0

Microsoft is working with Samsung jointly to offer best in class service in Samsung’s upcoming s8 and s8+ phones. Both the phones are scheduled to be launched in April this year. Samsung ensures that Microsoft has some features to be added in s8 and s8+. Apple and Google are the dominant forces to take advantages over in this industry. Google runs 4 out of 5 Android software, and Apple is the best known for running Ios engine. So Microsoft and Samsung are finding ways to get benefited by relying on each other rather than on both the Giants.
As you’ll see Microsoft customization in the upcoming s8 and s+ phones, this statement has given at the presentation when both the phones are unboxed and connected to wifi.
Samsung mobiles with Microsoft edition are the most awaited and innovative concept happening in the world of Samsung Industry.

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