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Five reasons your Hotspot keeps turning off in Windows 10

Hotspot keep turning off
πŸ•‘ 3 minutes read

Is your Mobile Hotspot keep turning off in windows 10?, If so, then you’ve come to the right place. There can be a lot of reasons why your hotspot is breaking the connection with the linked devices. Before we jump on directly to the solution, let’s have this clear. Sometimes, a problem appears significant but […]

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Sleep vs. Hibernate – When should you Use in windows?

hibernate vs sleep mode
πŸ•‘ 3 minutes read

There are subtle difference between a hibernate and sleep mode, but both share the same purpose. I guess few people would have ever used the hibernate mode as much as they use the Sleep mode. The fact is computers can sleep, hibernate, and shutdown, depending on the external command or users intent. As we know, […]

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How to play Apple podcasts on your favourite Alexa

How to play Apple podcasts on an Amazon alexa
πŸ•‘ 2 minutes read

The Amazon’s echo speaker has everything that can flatter us, be it Podcasts, radio broadcasts, audiobooks, Music, News, or anything Auditory. It’s becoming an indispensable device that we can use for a variety of purposes, not only for the entertainment. With its loud Multi-programmed voice, It is still euphonious. It connects with our device and […]

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How to change the text size on apple watch

πŸ•‘ 1 minute read

It’s great seeing apple watch displays the important information immediately upon looking, but not everyone is going to have smooth reading time, especially when the watch model size is about 38 mm. Eyes get sore, looking at the texts each time for many people of poor eyesight. If that is the case, we’ll walk you […]

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5 best Evernote app alternatives to get work done

best evernote app alternatives to help you in writing
πŸ•‘ 4 minutes read

Who doesn’t like to use a free writing app for android that gives full liberty and piles of tools? As such a tool, we already know is Evernote. We consider Evernote as one of the best writing assistants to set your feet in the writing culture. But for those who’re just curious to know about […]

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10 best office apps for Android to boost productivity.

best office apps for android to boost your productivity
πŸ•‘ 7 minutes read

Back in the days, when there was no such thing as the android apps, We solely depended upon the Microsoft office suits to get work done. A few years later, when Google owns the maximum smartphone market, Android apps dropping like flies. However, choosing the right app still requires enough amount of energy and time. […]

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Top 5 best learning apps for kids – For any Age

kids learning apps
πŸ•‘ 5 minutes read

Mobile applications are not only meant to be used for adults, but kids can also learn something out of Apps. The Android and iPhone app markets are exponentially seeing the growth, with that we can find almost any category of apps at our fingertips. Apps with such a clean and straightforward user-interface can be managed […]

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