iPad mini will be cut out anytime, Source says

By / May 17, 2017 0

Ever noticed why Apple hasn’t made a big ado about its most fresh updates to the iPad mini Line? or why those updates have been wholly missing since the time of 2015, when the iPad mini 4 came to light? It’s a diminutive tablet, and a new report articulately confirms that.

What’s more, it claims that the Apple’s iPad mini line will be stopped coming to market anymore. This allegedly emerges out from “a source close to Apple” as it says “the mini will be slightly dislodged because of the less number of sales which is very clear that it’s a right move to discontinue this tablet. However, Apple is a High-end tech, and this decision might not drag the people’s attention at all.

And that in a tablet market that is not being sold as it should be. So Apple will phase out its losses and drop off of the 7.9″ tablet space, centering its focus instead on the new 9.7″ iPad and the iPad Pro line, with the upcoming 10.5” slate that must sport slimmer bezels

Anyway, Perhaps, this is the right time for the people who wants to hands on an iPad mini 4, It’s unclear how long will this tablet be on sale. Stay tuned.

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