How to solve window 10’s shutdown problem in an easy way.

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Is your computer or laptop doesn’t respond when you try to shut down your laptop both digitally and physically? It likely happens due to the incomplete installation of Windows and the downloading of unsolicited software. There may be loads of reasons to this specific problem, so are the solutions. If you undergo such a problem, then you can also make use of best registry cc cleaner software, that will help locate bad registries and immediately solve them out. We have compiled some efficient ways using which you can easily fix this problem without taking too hard on it.

Method 1: Device manager

Open “Device manager” on your computer. Expand “System devices”  by clicking on it, now tap on Intel (R) management engine interface. A box will pop up, update your driver to assure that the driver is up to date and if the back up is available you can roll back the driver. This method should work and resolve your shutdown problem.

STEP 1: Open device manager and then tap on System devices.

STEP 2: click on Intel (R) management engine interface.

STEP 3: Now the third step of the method one is to click an update button or roll back your driver if the back up is there. As you can see there is no roll back available, we leave it as it is and move on to the next method.

Method 2: Power settings

STEP 1: Go to Power settings on your computer or laptop and tap on “choose what the power button does” option.

STEP 2:  Hit up the  “change settings that are currently unavailable” link


STEP 2:  uncheck the ” turn on fast startup (recommended)” option. That’s all. This method has worked for so many users and should work for you too.

Method 3:  Command Prompt

STEP 1: First Open Command Prompt or CMD as an administrator. Just Press Ctrl +R,  A box pops up then type “CMD“.  This will directly open Command Prompt as an administrator.

STEP 2: Type ” Powercfg h off” and hit Enter.

STEP 3 (OPTIONAL): Type ” EXIT” to close the Command prompt box.

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If you are still stuck on this issue then you can head over to Microsoft community for more help.

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