How to secure your Google Pay account from fraudulent activities

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People who are using a Google Tez (Later changed to Google Pay) might know its strength and the quality of service it offers for UPI (unified payments interface) Transaction. The app is gradually emerging as a useful source for financial operations; at the same time, users would’ve to know the ways to keep it secure and protected from sharing your credentials. First off, Google pays links directly links our accounts to the banks, verifying using the phone by sending an OTP. So, It seems quite secure in the first place. This article is all about the securities of your Google Pay account for the safe UPI transactions so that no one can control an app without your consent.

When it comes to Transaction with Google Pay, the bank account’s Security should be of supreme importance, and one must take the responsibility to keep it safe from cyber-illegal activities by complying with the rules and regulations and making use of the privacy settings.

So, in this tutorial, we are not only going to show you some tactics to shield your G-Pay account but also help you to protect your bank account from being comprised.

Following this, secure your Tez account by preferring for either a 4-digit Google PIN or a screen lock. Both options are significant enough to tackle all these sorts of problems.

Here is the process that you can use to configure a Google PIN:

Step 1: Get Access to your Google Tez account. Tap on your profile picture located at the top left corner. There you can see the list of options to pick from.

Step 2: click on the option Security. You’ll be seeing Two options to choose from – Screen lock or Google PIN.

Do Note that your Google PIN is different from your UPI PIN, as Google PIN or Screen Lock is useful for restricting the outer entries to get Access to your app. In such a condition, Option security comes into aid on the way to secure your account.

Google PIN requires an Internet connection each time you open the app. Otherwise, you can make Screen lock work for you from your phone’s settings as it does not need the Internet, but it is less reliable compared to Google PIN.

What if you have forgotten your Google PIN or want to reset your PIN:

Step 1: Open Google Pay app, Sign in to your account. Now click on your profile photo at the left corner. Then proceed to Security.

Step 2: Use Google PIN and click on the forgot PIN account. Doing this, you can reset your PIN and secure your account if the suspicious activity is found.

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