How to Uninstall Apps from any iPhone

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How to Uninstall Apps from iPhone

Well, you bought an iPhone, now you are excited to get most out of your Phone, but the very first step almost every users take is that they go to the App store and download apps like apps won’t exist anymore. iPhone has got skew of unique features unlike an android, So the people who are getting their palms on iPhone for the very first time they might need to know How to Uninstall Apps from iPhone.

Uninstalling apps on iPhone is a no-brainer at all, all you have to do is to hold down the app you want to remove and then you’ll notice the bouncing icons. Just tap down your finger on the cross button which is lurking either above right or left corner of an app and delete it once the pop-up box appears.

Let’s narrow down the process and try to understand picture by picture.

Step 1: Hold down an app

Here is your screen right in front of your eyes, Now let’s click on any app, suppose we want to remove a twitter, so we hold it down until all the icons shake up and down (Let’s Visualize for a while).

Step 2: Delete it

Like we said in step one, Just tap down the targeted app and after emerging out the white box, click on “Delete”. And if something clicked your mind then you can opt for “cancel”.

Last two steps are important as for removing an app on iPhone, but As you go deeper and have got more than one app to remove then either you can repeat the process or there is one more way to do that so let’s know it in steps.

How to remove multiple apps from iPhone.

Step 1: Drag the apps one by one on any one app.

To remove or delete multiple apps from iPhone then just keep pressing the targeted app ( An app you want to remove)  and drag it over another app to say “Hangouts”. In the picture, you are seeing an App store App being dragged over a “Hangout” App.  Doing this way, you can drag more apps one by one and delete them all altogether. Make sure you’re dragging the apps on any single App.

Well, in the above Images we get the clear picture of how to delete or remove an unwanted app from an iPhone. If you want to ask any question on this article then do message us or comment down below.

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