How to Enable Android Oreo’s Accessibility Shortcut

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Android has offered an ample of accessibility features which are quite an overwhelming at first glance. Users forcefully dig through settings to toggle tools like Switch Access, TalkBack and select to speak. Keeping Accessibility features in mind, Google has implemented this shortcoming that was a big headache until Android Oreo.

Thanks to the of a new “shortcut” addition that Android 8.0 has in its collection. New Android version now has made it significantly more handy to reach accessibility features.

Starting with android Oreo, Users now with the help of volume keys can quickly shift through an accessibility feature of their choice. Here is how you do it.

1. Open Settings

2. Tap Accessibility.

3. Tap Volume Key Shortcut.

4. Turn the feature on with the toggle. To allow the shortcut to take effect from the lock screen, you can check in the box otherwise leave it unchecked.

5. Tap Shortcut Service and pick the accessibility feature you’d like to allocate to the volume keys.

6. The shortcut is now ready for use.

For at least three seconds Hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down using any app or screen that you chose earlier to turn on the feature. You’ll hear a chime and the message displaying the feature is now enabled.

That’s all, you have just learned how to set up a shortcut for an accessibility feature. In case you want to turn it off, just hold down Volume Up and Volume down again for three seconds. Maybe you want to turn off the shortcut totally, then head back to the Accessibility page in Settings and tap the Volume Key Shortcut toggle. Alternatively, to know how each feature functions from the Accessibility menu, you can modify that too from the settings.

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