How to use Google Hangouts on your Apple Watch

Well, some busy folks out there, relying on the google hangouts to get work done, and if they don’t know that they can also use google hangouts on their apple watch, then this article will help you to do so. Apple watch not only lets you receive the google hangouts messages but also you can reply right on the bat from your wrist.

It’s great that apple watch takes the third party into account, removing roadblocks and offering such a valuable pizazz of features. One would not have thought about using a google hang out on apple watch until they knew it works. As to notifications, there are few more options you can try out like Facebook notifications, reminders, and games.

1.Open apple watch app

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the very first step is to open the apple watch app on your iPhone

2. Go to Notifications

Click on the notifications lying below the complications option

3. Turn on Hangout from the mirror iphone alert section.

Once you’ve landed on the page followed by the notifications option, scroll down to the mirror iPhone alert section, and make sure that the hangout toggle switch is on.

4. Tap Reply to send a message.

Whenever you get any notifications, you can see it by going onto the notification panel, and to reply, you’ll have the options to speak a message, respond with an emoji, or choose from the canned responses that you’ve in your list.

5. Or dictate a message

Suppose you opt to dictate a message, and once you’re finished speaking up, tap send to deliver your message. 

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