How to enable theatre mode on apple watch

Apple is not the only brand to come up with such a feature that makes total sense when we have in our smartwatch. Theatre mode or it can be named as “Do not disturb” Mode helps users decide if they want to turn off display until someone press on the screen or the side button.

With theatre Mode, the screen won’t light up like it usually does with slightly moving a wrist, Though the notifications will pop up, you can’t see them until you tap on the screen or press down the crown button. The watch normally runs even after enabling the theatre mode, only the difference is, the display remains dark. Actually, It’s a convenient feature to use while chilling out with your friends, having the aloof time or in the theatre when you don’t want the display light to ruin your dark space.

Open control centre by swiping up the screen.

To go to your control centre, all you have to do is swiping up the screen, and there you’ll see a bunch of the features icons to choose from.

2. Select the two-masked icon 

After heading to the main menu, scroll down to see the two-masked icon and then click on it.

3. Now click on the highlighted “Theatre mode” option

Right after clicking the icon, A text message pops appears explaining the use of theatre Mode. You can skip or ignore the message by just clicking on the “theatre Mode” option above. In case you want to disable the theatre mode on apple watch, there is an option right above the highlighted text to cancel it.

4. Check the enabled theatre mode

You’ve completed the above steps, and now making sure if you’ve enabled the theatre mode. As you can see, up the digital clock a tiny icon has shown up, indicating the mode is on.

Have a look at this Gif that is best describing how to use theatre mode on apple watch.

how to enable theater mode on apple watch
Credit: MacRumors

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