How to change the text size on apple watch

It’s great seeing apple watch displays the important information immediately upon looking, but not everyone is going to have smooth reading time, especially when the watch model size is about 38 mm. Eyes get sore, looking at the texts each time for many people of poor eyesight. If that is the case, we’ll walk you through on how to change the text size on apple watch. All you have got to do is downloading the apple watch app from the app store on your iPhone. Lets move on to it.

1.Open the apple watch app 

 how to change text size on apple watch

If you have already downloaded the app, then open it up but if not, then head over to app store and search for the keyword “apple watch app” to download it.

2. Scroll to the down and select text & brightness

credit: tomshardware

Once you integrate your apple watch to the app that you’ve just download, look for the Brightness & Text Size option.

3. Change text size using text slider

Here you can adjust the text size by sliding from small to the larger one until the size meet your eyes.

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