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OnePlus 5

by OnePlus

Release Date:
OnePlus 5
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 5.5-inch FHD Display capacitive touchscreen, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa core processor
  • 20MP+16MP Rear and 16MP Selfie
  • 64 GB internal
  • Android v7.1.1 Nougat

OnePlus 5 Pros and cons

OnePlus 5 - Full Specifications

Device Information

  • Device Type
    Android Smartphone
  • Model
    Oneplus 5
  • Released
    22 June, 2017
  • Status


  • Type Type refers to the phone's size and shape or the overall layout that the smartphone adapts. Generally, we see these types. - Bar, sliding, phablet and foldable.
  • Dimensions
    15.4 x 0.7 x 7.4 cm
  • Weight
    154 g
  • Colors The shade of a single or gradient tint uses by the device.
    Slate Grey, brilliant blue
  • Flashlight The flashlight is the LED (Light emitting diode)
  • Waterproof


  • 2G
    GSM, (B2/B1/B3/B41/B5/B40/B40/B41C)
  • 3G
    3G, UMTS, (B1)
  • 4G
    4G LTE, FDD, (B1), (B38), TDS, (B34), TDD, FDD
  • SIM SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)
    Micro SIM + Nano SIM


  • Display Type
    FHD display capacitive touchscreen
  • Size
    13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch)
  • Resolution
    1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Display Colors The different degree (hue, tone) of colors that the display is showing. There are 64K colors, 256K colors and 16 million colors. As of now, 16 M is the most distinguished color value.
  • Touch Screen
    capacitive touchscreen
  • Display Protection
    Gorrilla glass 4.0
  • Other Features It includes rest of mobile features including the display to apps.
    Fingerprint scanner 0.2 seconds, all-metal unibody, Sleeker look, Reading Mode, Gaming DND Mode, Alert Slider


  • Audio Playback
    Almost any
  • Video Playback
    Almost any
  • FM Radio
  • Notifications In the notification panel, the user gets notified while receiving an alert, task, updates or event.
    vibration, ringtone, wave, mp3
  • Ring Tones
  • Loudspeaker
  • Handsfree


  • Rear (Primary)
  • Front
  • Face Unlock Face-unlock enables the function to unlock the face by seeing on the screen.
  • 4K supported 4 dimensional or 4K is a short phrase given for the video resolution of [email protected]/60fps/120fps. It's now a standard meter for the newage smartphones.
  • Back Flash
  • Front Flash
  • Camera Features The rear and the front camera hold many features making every phone work differently. There are some features that the smartphone usually holds are - Optical Zoom, smile-detection, self-timer, brightness setting e.t.c.
    Portrait Mode, Smart Capture, Dual Camera - Pro Mode (ISO, shutter speed), Effortless Clarity & Fast AF, Autofocus, Timer.


  • Operating System
    Android v7.1.1 Nougat
  • Java Support


  • Chipset Chipset is an array of integrated circuits meant to perform in real-time constraints and dedicated functions. Expensive smartphones tend to have better chipset, which performs more advanced operations.
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • CPU It stands for a Central Processing Unit. It's generally known as the brain of the device. In short, the CPU process the lines of tasks assigned by the operator.
    octa core processor
  • RAM (Memory) Random Access Memory
    6GB and 8GB
  • Internal Storage It's a reserved memory in Smartphones, laptops, tablets, e.t.c, allowing to save all the data pertaining to the applications, videos, images, and other files in one place.
    64GB and 128 GB onboard
  • Expandable Memory It's an alternative external memory to extend the storage size by means of MicroSD card, flash e.t.c
  • Card Slot It's a medium or location putting the memory card.
    MicroSD with Sim card tray


  • Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless computing technology to collect and transmit the data in two paired devices. Using Bluetooth, A User can connect the wired and wireless device to share any kind of file without the Internet. It's slow but self-reliant.
  • Wi-fi
  • Wi-fi Hotspot A Hotspot is a kind of technology devised to connect multiple devices all in one Internet. The hotspot is solely dependent on the person who is sharing it, and other people need to turn on the wifi to use it.
  • Infrared It's an old electronic way to share data between two devices using infrared beams.
  • GPS The Global Positioning System is a widely used satellite technology to navigate the location, velocity and the position of the object.
  • NFC It's A Standard mobile feature that stands for Near field communication. It acts under the proximity sensor when bringing two devices too close.
  • HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus)
    MicroUSB 2.0
  • OTG
  • Wireless Charging It works when an electromagnetic field develops the tension between the two objects providing the output via inductive coupling
  • Microphone Jack
  • Headphone Jack
  • Remote Control


  • GPRS GPS (General Packet Radio Service) allows wireless data transfer service in 2G and 3G GSM SIM. Example - pictures, SIM network browsing, and videos.
  • EDGE EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment) enables a 4x faster data transfer rate compared to the regular 2G GSM Service.


  • SMS Short Messaging Service
  • MMS Multimedia Messaging Service helps users send more graphical short messages including Audio clip, GIF e.t.c.
  • Email Electronic mail is not so different from a traditional mail system as it lets the user send, receive and store data in the form of images, text and other digital files. Each user has a unique email address, If you have no one yet, then you can get it via GMAIL and Yahoo
  • IM


  • Battery Type In short, these are some of the battery types that smartphones use - Lithium Polymer, Lithium-Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Nickel Cadmium. Li-po and the Li-on are in the current phase.
    Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Capacity Battery capacity is the maximum number of energy packets stored in the mass of the battery.
    3300mAH with dash charge
  • Fast charging An Integrated technology that powers up the smartphone much faster than the regular charging.
  • Removable Users can disengage the removable battery, but the non-removal battery comes fixed with the device and cannot be removed.

What's inside the box

  • Overall
    SIM Tray Ejector
    USB Cable
    Adapter Charger
    Safety info
    and Quick Start Guide

Total Specs Score

9.5 4.8 1
  • Design 10
  • Display 9
  • Camera 10
  • Features 9
  • Cpu 9
  • Battery 10

Quick Glance:

Oneplus 5 is the latest and the highest-grossing smartphone on the Amazon.Within the first week. It featured a 5.5-inch FHD display and coupled with 6 GB of RAM. It sips its energy from 3300mAH lithium-ion battery comes with a dash charge feature. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor under the hood, which is the latest upgrade that the company has in its addition. Please Read our Oneplus five full review.

OnePlus 5 Features

Camera: 20MP+16MP Rear and 16MP Selfie camera look more stunning in placement. Also, the company has put a lot of stress to make a better possible camera than one plus three and 3t. The camera is competing against the giants like galaxy s8 and iPhone 7, and we can also enlist htc u11.

Battery and performance: “we can get nothing better than this “do you agree with this statement? If yes then, this is not us who only think the phone is impressive, but also 90% of Amazon buyer has positively reviewed this smartphone by giving five stars.

Verdict: Oneplus 5 has shown a better example of the excellent phones that all the other companies should consider making one like it. Camera quality is decent, photos coming out of it are looking crystal clear, minor blur can be seen when capturing from too close. However, the low-light feature is working great both for the primary and rear camera. Usability of this phone is above the expectation as it can run many high-end games at the same time without even realizing you the games are running in the background, you won’t see any lag and heat.

OnePlus 5 - Users Reviews

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