What is gadgetor.in?

Gadgetor.in is the 3rd party affiliate service which is being executed via some affiliate websites to assist the potential customers who prefer to shop online and want to know the pros and cons before buying a product from their selective store with a profitable price.


How do we serve people?

As we are associated with some affiliate services, our each attempt is to see through the product before putting them for our customers to choose and buy. We do like to review the product, rate the product and compare the product in a very modest way.


Is it an affiliate program?

No, It’s not an affiliate program.

 Do we sell products?

No, we do not sell products.


Is Gadgetor.in accepts any credit or debit card?

Gadgetor.in neither sells products nor supports any kind of transaction.


Any product prices can be seen at gadgetor.in?

Gadgetor.in can support customers only if they are looking for a selective product that we are having into our list, shortly Our hard work will fill up all the gaps.


What types of products does gadgetor.in promote?

Gadgetor.in supports mainly gadgets like computer, refrigerator, mobile, camera, Tablets, speakers, video game consoles, power banks, printers and scanners, headphone, air cooler, washing machine, electric cookers, etc. Currently, our primary focus is on Mobiles and Laptops.


If you write us a comment then will it be approved instantly?

Your feedback or given comment will be sent to be reviewed right after you give a comment we check it for not being spammed.


Can you write us a review at gadgetor.in?

You have a right and authority to leave a comment and a feedback of a product whether you know about it or not.


Do we handle a billing or any monetary services?

No, We are not connected to any of financial services.