how to clean a laptop

How to clean a laptop

Cleaning your laptop can add years to it, & yours too. Computer keyboards are raising grounds for germs. As a matter of fact, The Center organization for Disease Control urges routinely cleaning your computer keyboard and mouse to prevent bacteria, along with other repeatedly touched surfaces. While you’re cleaning the keyboard and mouse, opt to clean your laptop as well.

Cleaning your display so often will make it much easier and pleasanter to get your work done.

  1. Power off the laptop or pull out the cables and carefully disengage the battery.
  2. Open the laptop.
  3. Shake the laptop upside down and gently tap it to make sure there are no loose crumbs left.
  4. Spray some bottled air on the keyboard. As This will release some of the gunk that’s stuck in the keys ( In the middle)
  5. Place the laptop on a horizontal surface and vacuum the keyboard with a small brush attachment.
  6. Sprinkle few cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol, and wipe them over and in between the keys (Don’t go too hard). Make sure the swabs are just moistened, and not wet.
  7. Apply some CyberClean or any useful laptop cleaner to the keyboard following the instructions on the package. You can purchase Cyber clean at your local office tech shop or can order online.


Now Time to know how to clean an LCD screen.

  1. Spray your screen with bottled air to eliminate any exterior dust.
  2. Equally, mix parts of white vinegar and distilled water and make a solution.
  3. Spray the vinegar solution on a soft cloth, and smoothly wipe the screen.

You can keep your screen clean by rhythmically wiping it with a microfiber cloth ( A fabric designed primarily for cleaning the computers). You can shop at any computer shop to have these clothes. Always check your laptop’s manual before applying any cleaning products on your LCD screen

Don’t forget to brush your external mouse, if you have one already. This is the easiest part of the computer’s peripherals to look after. Just spray your cloth with a little amount of your vinegar solution and wipe off it off ( the Mouse). Make sure the button part of the mouse is also get cleaned.

overheat laptop

How to keep your Apple laptop from overheating

The overheating problem in laptops has been encompassing for a long haul. We have the solution to it. Laptop manufacturers are trying to build laptops smaller in size. So to achieve their goal, their necessity to make the parts, such as the hard drive, motherboard, etc. shorter and shorter. All the part of a laptop has to be closer to each other to provide compact smaller size. The microprocessor, motherboard and hard drive all equally produce heat. The closer they are kept to each other, the more real heat they produce. The built in fan does not work efficiently in this tight quarter, nor it cools down the parts. Besides, It’s difficult for the heat to get away, that’s why you have overheating laptops. When a computer overheats, it’s likely to fail Here are excellent tips you should know to help prevent your Apple laptop from overheating.

  • Make sure your laptop is not placed on anything like a cushion or any puffed surface where your exhaust fan gets covered. The soft material could block the airflow vents, especially the rear vents, which could overheat your computer.Never put anything on your keyboard the time when a closed-lid mode is open, and your laptop is operating. It’s plausible that this will result into repeatedly turn on & off of the laptop or computer.That could produce substantial heat and could also reduce your battery
  • Shut down or power off the computer and let it be cool then restart again. If you often leave your laptop switched on and not operate for hours then don’t do it consciously. If you wanna go somewhere urgently, first set a standby mode then move. It will do wonders in respect to your battery life and escape your laptop from unnecessary overheat.
  • Make sure when your laptop is in the bag, should be switched off. Brush the air vents. Dust gathers on the vents, which will obstruct them and restrict them from working efficiently. You can even buy a small electric cleaner to look after your laptop.

Take care of your machine even when you don’t feel like cleaning it. You can do no magic to enhance the capacity of your battery if you do not follow what have been suggested here.

4 Things to remember before buying a laptop

Finding laptops these days is not easy as there are a lot of choices available and figuring out which one is suited for you would spin your head a bit. So we have described some important aspects of a laptop which will be helpful in choosing you the best laptop as per your requirement.

  • Screen size and weight:

Laptop screens typically range in size from 9 to 17 inch ( which is about 23-43 centimeters). If you go with the bigger display then your laptop will be heavier, means it won’t be a portable gadget to travel with and have poor battery life but it will support better graphics allowing you to play massive games with more power. But if you go with the lighter screen then it will be opposite to the heavier one. To find the right size you should balance the amount of portablity against the performance.

  • CPU:

The CPU (Brain) is the central part of your computer. The two most significant CPU providers are Intel & AMD. Intel corners the market regarding advanced technology, but AMD offers competitive models at lower prices.
Dual-core CPUs are way more powerful to support heavy things, play games and run the Softwares smoothly without any lagging. Single core CPUs are usually concerned to perform basic tasks like browsing or working with office e.t.c. Executing big tasks with single core CPU may result in dysfunction of the laptop.

  • RAM:

Should look for 2 GB to 4 GB if you are in a business profession or a home user. Who is a graphics designer, gamers or who works with high definition videos need much space to store the data should concern 4 GB to 8 GB Ram and a student looking for a cost effective machine to complete homework, e-mailing and web browsing can go for 1 GB ram.

  • Take help of an online laptop finder:

Tons of shopping sites possess tools, and search engines are there to help you find the best laptops according to your budget. One of the innovative program Microsoft has in its collections is PC scout though which users can benefit from going through many selections of choices during the process, and in the end, Pc scout suggests some options. Lots of advanced merchant websites having filtering option on specifications where a user can get a desirable laptop of choice.

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New Elite x3 Accessories for Windows 10 Mobile By HP

Recently In the meeting at the mobile world congress (MWC), Hp announced some exciting news regarding on of its windows mobile named Elite x3. As they claim they are about to offer two promising Accessories to assist users that are involved in a retail business or most of the time they have got to scan the inventory information using barcodes in retail storerooms or shipping warehouses. This will only work who have an elite x3 windows phone and it is an external cover just like a jacket- like a device which can be bought separately at $329. Elite x3’s original price is $699 if customers get this with a retail mobile solution then it will cost around $999.

Hey Imgur want to see some magic? (OC)

USB-C DOCK and the Travel hub

Two more gadgets that Hp has promised to launch are USB-C DOCK and the Travel hub

If you already have this elite x3 phone then you will not have any shortage of connectivity through USB cable or you can plug multiple devices into your elite x3 phone.


USB-C Dock will allow us to link multiple displays and devices to be connected to our phone anytime or anytime whenever even at the time of charging.


And another gadget that Hp will provide is a USB-C Travel hub which also allows multiple displays and devices to be linked with charging capabilities. Using USB-C dock users can connect multiple mobiles for charging all through just one USB cable. It is a portable travel-friendly device can be used anytime on the go.