Microsoft sells Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in its Store

Microsoft chooses to sell Samsung’s Top-notch smartphones in its online store for some reason. Some days past we noticed the Galaxy S8 and S8+ becoming available to buy from the Microsoft Store, and now the Galaxy Note8 has been listed. Irrelevant to the S-series devices, which can also be ordered with career plans, the Note8 is only staying for purchase in unlocked form.

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And it’s not cheap in the end. Each unit will cost you around $929.99. Second, if you don’t intend to go the carrier route, and to use monthly wages to pay for the Galaxy Note8. There still much better offer to be had at the likes of Verizon.

Microsoft planing to build a foldable tablet running Windows 10 on ARM

Back in 2009 and 2010, many rumors informed Microsoft was going to build folding tablet named Courier. Eventually, That never seemed to be clear at all, and Apple’s iPads became the leaders of that market.

Absorbingly though, Microsoft is now said to be working on another device that is similar to the rumored tablet, at least in the notion, to the canceled Courier. It’s codenamed Andromeda and will be a tablet with folding property that will operate Windows 10 on the ARM.

It will have telephony capabilities, but won’t be a smartphone – anyway, when folded, it’s ostensibly “pocketable.” That said, the main merchandising factors of this device will be centered around pen input and inking. For example, there’s a built-in notebook app that mimics writing in a real notebook, with virtual pages spreading across the foldable device.


Android is the most popular OS than Windows, as reported via Statcounter.

Giant flagship Google’s Android is the most popular operating system in the world.
According to the web analytics firm StatCounter, Android’s OS is the most popular concerning internet usage across desktops, Tablets, Laptops and mobile combined. When it comes to its share, then Android share reached 37.93% in March 2017 which is a smidge ahead of Microsoft’s OS and its 37.91% market share. That has happened one time when Android has overtaken Microsoft on the OS front, said by the StatCounter on Monday’s report.
“It’s a breakthrough for Android which had just only 2.4 % of Worldwide Internet usage shares last five years ago” via CEO of StarCounter Aodhan Cullen said in a statement.
It won’t be easier for Microsoft to inroad in mobile, but the next paradigm shift might help Microsoft to regain dominance again.

Android offers best budget mobiles that many flagship companies have in their OS, everyone needs them and can buy without over concerning the budget, but this is not with the Microsoft. Maybe this is the reason that Android is surging up in share ratio and performing better in front of the most notable competitor.

Microsoft merges with Samsung before S8 and S8+ arrival.

Microsoft is working with Samsung jointly to offer best in class service in Samsung’s upcoming s8 and s8+ phones. Both the phones are scheduled to be launched in April this year. Samsung ensures that Microsoft has some features to be added in s8 and s8+. Apple and Google are the dominant forces to take advantages over in this industry. Google runs 4 out of 5 Android software, and Apple is the best known for running Ios engine. So Microsoft and Samsung are finding ways to get benefited by relying on each other rather than on both the Giants.
As you’ll see Microsoft customization in the upcoming s8 and s+ phones, this statement has given at the presentation when both the phones are unboxed and connected to wifi.
Samsung mobiles with Microsoft edition are the most awaited and innovative concept happening in the world of Samsung Industry.

New Elite x3 Accessories for Windows 10 Mobile By HP

Recently In the meeting at the mobile world congress (MWC), Hp announced some exciting news regarding on of its windows mobile named Elite x3. As they claim they are about to offer two promising Accessories to assist users that are involved in a retail business or most of the time they have got to scan the inventory information using barcodes in retail storerooms or shipping warehouses. This will only work who have an elite x3 windows phone and it is an external cover just like a jacket- like a device which can be bought separately at $329. Elite x3’s original price is $699 if customers get this with a retail mobile solution then it will cost around $999.

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USB-C DOCK and the Travel hub

Two more gadgets that Hp has promised to launch are USB-C DOCK and the Travel hub

If you already have this elite x3 phone then you will not have any shortage of connectivity through USB cable or you can plug multiple devices into your elite x3 phone.


USB-C Dock will allow us to link multiple displays and devices to be connected to our phone anytime or anytime whenever even at the time of charging.


And another gadget that Hp will provide is a USB-C Travel hub which also allows multiple displays and devices to be linked with charging capabilities. Using USB-C dock users can connect multiple mobiles for charging all through just one USB cable. It is a portable travel-friendly device can be used anytime on the go.