Apple funds $200 million in Corning and Gorilla glass technology

By / May 14, 2017 0

Recently Cupertino has announced its aim for investing $200 million in Corning Incorporated, which is a Popular Gorilla glass technology company situated in the US. The money will be handed over to ” Corning’s R&D. Without a doubt, corning gorilla glass is vastly required from customers point of view, so Apple has diligently taken a great move as to strengthen the bond with Corning technology.

Ever since the original iPhone has come into view, back in 2007, Apple and Corning have been in a good strategic partnership. However, if you marveled what this sudden outbreak of bounty is all about, it’s part of Apple’s latest advanced manufacturing fund. A few days ago by Tim Cook, the initiative was announced, and its first intention is the investment with US-based manufacturing companies of at least $1 billion, which is indeed hefty of the sum to invest.

It’s pretty good attempt that Apple is thinking about to support the U.S local business. Cupertino claims it will profit approx. 2 million jobs in the US.

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