Any photo can unlock Samsung facial recognition feature

By / April 2, 2017 0

After the launch of S8 and s8+, many tests are being performed via testers to ensure the performance that these phones offer as being claimed via Samsung’s head of the department. No one knows the feature of which we were waiting for a long time won’t work the way we want so as to unlock the phone via facial recognition.

It’s not that the feature will not work, the major drawback of this function is that it can easily be unlocked via any photo that resembles our face look or merely by any picture of the phone holder. Means according to its security it is not that protected, and one can easily trick this feature to access into the phone. However, during the launch of S8, it’s already been clear that this feature is just for a showcase to unlock the phone via facial recognition and it can’t be used elsewhere like in Samsung’s pay or other services which need higher security to perform.

After the galaxy not 7, Samsung seems too focused giving the best out of s8 and s8+ so by pouring into some additional features in phones can help Samsung stuff up the deficit that caused by galaxy not 7.

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