Download old Nokia 3310 ringtones for Android and iPhone

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Old Nokia phones are the most preferred and sold out handsets in the 90s; We are just nostalgic about it. I remember the days when I used to play snake game and listen or compose tunes just for fun. Maybe you can also relate to that.

However, In this day and age, the Nokia 3310 tunes maybe a bit off the trend, and no one is really drooling over it. but it’s pretty cool to have some old tunes on your modern phone.

Nokia 3310 classic phone’s ringtones are Monotone with no other music elements involved. Still, ringtones are soothing to ears than some loud music. And It’s no brainer to download and load them in your phone.

How To Download Nokia 3310 Ringtones (In 2019)

You can easily download classic Nokia 3310’s ringtones for iPhone and android with the text messages alert and use them just like other ringtones. To download, just head over to the Soundcloud, where you can get all the Nokia 3310 ringtones for no cost.

All you need is to register at Soundcloud account, if you have already one, then you are all set to go. Remember, Soundcloud is free, as it works as a user cloud storage platform for music.

Missing the old phones? Here you can get one

Old Nokia 3310 handset was designed for calls, sending text messages, receiving alerts, and for a week of battery backup after a single full charge. Few years back, Nokia has initiated the same model called the Nokia 3310 3g. The phone has couple of different features with a tweak in design.

These colorful sets of handsets are just feast for the eyes, its polarised screen, the camera, 3G network, and the complete security from further tracking your every move by google.

If your nostalgia has already been started to kick in, Then you can grab this phone in a few bucks at Amazon (US) and Amazon (IN).

nokia 3310 pic

With modern phones, the world has moved a lot, and the classic edition of Nokia phones are still the best in the market.

Its 31 days of long-lasting battery life gives an edge over other devices that fails to deliver such back up. Furthermore, the annoying ads won’t rush in, as the phone has no Google or any other browser.

Of course, it has some flaws, but synchronizing the contacts is what forgets me all about smartphones. This pocket-sized device allows you to retrieve all of your contacts via your assigned Gmail id. It’s hassle-free, short, affordable, and quite robust.

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