Best android file transfer Apps for Mac, PC, and Android

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Gone are the days when we used to share data using a USB cable, CD drive, Bluetooth, or SD card. However, It is likely happening now because of the addition of cross-sharing platform services Like SHARE IT or XENDER, and there are many more that we’re going to line up here.

Still, USB cable transfer is one of my favorite ways, as wifi transfer may be slow and sometimes can be a bit perplexing. But, for transferring short files like Mp3, or the file not more than a 200 MP, Wifi transfer apps is still a better choice. 

There are tons of apps filled Playstore with the impressive ratings, and reviews, It gets hard to pick up any best app that meets our needs. So, With this article, you are going to be seeing some of the most downloaded, and free data transfer apps for android to Pc. Let’s get started. 

Share it

Share it is the most liked and popular app in the data transfer app category. It offers the fastest cross-platform transfer speed of 20 M/s, basically much faster than regular Bluetooth speed. The best part is that users do not lose the quality of the item while transferring is in action. However, If you’re looking for something more than a file-sharing android app, then share it is the best choice for you. Apart from sharing, it has countless Online Videos, Trending Music, and it supports GIFs, Stickers, and Wallpapers in a personalized manner.


Do you own an iPhone? Then Zapya is what you’re looking for. Zapya is regarded as the best in the category, with over a 500 million download across the world. Users can transfer their files via various platforms like Androids, iPads, Windows phones, iPhones, PC’s Tizen, and many more. Zapya offers smooth experience, supports multiple languages, and help users with its zippier speed.


Don’t forget this mighty beast; This app is the combination of both Sharit and Zapya. You would not be surprised if we put it in the first spot. The fact is we have rated the apps according to the current reviews, updates, and users’ experiences as This doesn’t make any app better or worst, but it could give a better sense of which app is on the way to meet our desires. The best advantage of using Xender is that it uses a flash speed of up to 40 M/s to send and receive items, and it doesn’t even need wifi for that.

CM Transfer

 CM Transfer is one of the most notable cross-platform sharing app with friends tracking ability. Users can share larger files within a fraction of seconds, and The device is compatible with the latest Android version. CM Transfer helps users build connections without the help of the Internet and even send them files regardless of the sizes. There are so many features it offers so users can minimize the payload of the Internet, that means to say, CM Transfer stores and schedule your files to send them later and Users can download Games, Music, Movies without going places.


The word CLONE refers to Duplication, So the CLONEit is all about copying the data as it is. Users can transfer their data from one phone to another irrespective of the data breach or privacy leak. It helps users send 12 types of mobile data, including call logs, messages, SD Card (all supported) wifi account passwords, bookmarks, browser, and so on. CLONEit supports Up to 20 M/s of high wifi speed. Furthermore, it has some useful features to clean and uninstall pre-installed Apps, So Users don’t have to install another app specifically for space cleaning.

ShareMe(Mi Drop)

Another best android file Sharing App is “ShareMe.” The Xiaomi itself developed this app. ShareMe is different from other apps for a reason; it has an ad-free P2P file-transfer service. Users get their files transferred without any mobile data and Internal Usage, and it supports almost all types of files, So there is no limitation like other apps we have mentioned earlier. ShareMe app has a simple yet ergonomic AI design to ease things for the users, Unlike other Apps.

Send Anywhere

You heard it right; you can send your files anywhere from iPhone, Android to MacBook pro or windows phones. To use this APP, users need to enter six-digit keys to send and receive the data. It’s worth noting that some files are unshareable, including APK, Videos files (If they are not compatible with the APP). This app offers high speed, it has a direct wifi feature, and Users can send their links using Social media like messenger, Skype, telegram e.t.c.

SFT – Swift File Transfer

SFT- Swift File Transfer claims to be one of the fastest Data sharing app. This app supports up to 8 M/s of speed to share the files across various platforms. SFT app has been received multiple awards, and the one is the people choice award of 2014 in Mobile Premier Award 2015 and Winner of Hot 100 Technologies, Letsignite winner, and more. Like the rest, it does not require any cable or wifi connection to share the stuff, and It can easily be connected to the range of up to 30 Meters.


This apps is light and easy to use via any supported digital device. SuperBeam comes in a free and Pro version, the pro version removes all the restrictions, and users can hand on all the settings and can change them too. The Transfer speed is hassle-free and faster as ever, as the app improvises things from time to time with each update. Using this app, the users can send data through NFC (PRO), wifi direct, and QR codes. If you want to try its Pro features, then the app is coming with the 14 days Pro trial of which you can advantage of.

StoAmigo – Removed

 This app is the blend of many cross-platform apps that we sporadically use. Users can send and receive data through mac, iPhone, Windows, iPad, Android, and more devices. To use the StoAmigo app, users can connect their devices after entering two-factor authentication so that a user may not have to face any privacy issue. This app is pretty fast, reliable, and easy to use, and it comes with free 2GB cloud data storage.

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