5 best Evernote app alternatives to get work done

Who doesn’t like to use a free writing app for android that gives full liberty and piles of tools? As such a tool, we already know is Evernote. We consider Evernote as one of the best writing assistants to set your feet in the writing culture. But for those who’re just curious to know about the best Evernote app alternatives, then this article will walk you through it.

In the depth of writing tools, we find the auto-saving feature quite efficient because hitting up the saving button every single time to save the article is entirely monotonous. We do prefer distraction-free writing tools that may help us along the way. So with some experience and days of usage, we here listing some of the best Evernote app alternatives that you may find quite helpful.

Best Evernote alternatives to for android to get work done

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Onenote is the free to use app that incorporates with the onedrive to save note.

It is one of the best free writing apps that quite akin to Evernote. It comes installed with the Windows 10 operating system, and one who has updated it knows how helpful it can be in terms of saving and arranging notes. In short, OneNote lets you draw, clip, scan, write, save, share, and collaborate. The best of all, It connects with other Microsoft’s apps with ease, creating an edge in this category.

It requires a minimum of Android OS 5.0 to work correctly. To get started with Onenote, all you have to do is signup via your Microsoft account, which is free. It’s to be noted that, there is no alternate way to login OneNote, Firstly You’ve got to register into Microsoft account if you have not one. As it’s Microsoft’s franchise, you’ll only be able to connect it with the Microsoft Onedrive to save up the data.


Notepad app is the app that is widely popular for creating and sharing notes

Notepad by the Splendid seems to have been facing some downplay at the moment, but we find it quite intriguing as a digital notepad. It does it all, as it lets you set a reminder, take notes with images, record audios, and at the same time allowing you to convert it to the texts.

You can have it set on your home screen and add a quick note, allowing you to put the notes on your home screen through widgets. With Notepad, you’re able to add sticky notes in eight different colors. It has a tag feature similar to Evernote, Using which users can easily organize notes and put them accordingly. Summing up, Notepad is an excellent app that you can use it for mundane quotidian activities.

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My Notes – Notepad

My note notepad is amazing tool to write short notes and memos

With the aid of Google Drive, you can churn out lots of notes and stuff without worrying about the data loss. My Notes app is sharing the same sort of features as the Notepad app we’ve listed above. Except for the few features like speech to text, tagging support, and some more with little to no use.

This app allows you to save the sticky notes on the device’s home screen, but the color switch option is not around to colorize the notes. The fingerprint, pin, and password ensure that no one can access the app without somebody’s permission.

Markor: Markdown Editor

Markor editor has its own homespun texts editor and formats

If you’re looking for a highly customizable writing app, then Markor editor can be your go-to digital diary. It doesn’t support in-app purchases, or there won’t be any ads to hinder your work. So all the features that the app has in its basket are free for all users.

Markor editor lets you jot down notes and set a reminder using simple markup formats. Meaning, it offers its intuitive, streamlined editor built to perform like any other editor but with distinct UI. Using this app, you can save the to-do list and other files in the categorized folders, which later enabling you to preview and share it into HTML and pdf.


blacknote app is the best app to write notes in the darker background

If you still didn’t come across this app, then it’s the right time to scratch this app out. We were searching for an app that can correlate to the Evernote, and we found this one. Without a surprise, It has a seamless dark mode that can be good for the eyes, so no anymore eyes-strain now. We liked how the interface is laid out, very intriguing, and it keeps only what matters most. To create your first note or to-do list, create the category, and under which write as many notes as you want, it doesn’t explode. The app displays notes on its main page and also attach them around your device’s home screen.

So far, after crafting a few notes, we haven’t noticed any ads hammering around. Anyway, if ads seem to be the problem, you can have them removed by paying a small one-time amount of $2.

That’s all, and I hope you’d have liked this article on the five best Evernote app alternatives. If you got any idea or question, then you can shoot us an email, or You can follow us on facebook and twitter and get your words out.

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