10 best office apps for Android to boost productivity.

Back in the days, when there was no such thing as the android apps, We solely depended upon the Microsoft office suits to get work done. A few years later, when Google owns the maximum smartphone market, Android apps dropping like flies. However, choosing the right app still requires enough amount of energy and time. So After thoroughly reviewed, we’ve finalized the 10 best office apps for android to boost your productivity.

We are acquainted with the fact that Android office apps come with a productivity suite, with which we can draft our documents, make a beautiful slide, spreadsheet, presentation, and keeps tabs on our activities on the go. All these years, Office apps only got better with time to offer a much friendly environment and resources. Now without further ado, let’s jump into the 10 best office suits and other office apps for android.

WPS Office

Free/ $0.5-$300

wps office app supports all sorts of office suits

If You need to build the presentations, Memo, PDF, spreadsheets, or all sorts of office docs, the WPS office got you covered. It’s a one-stop solution striving to offer rich experience through its intuitive, user-friendly interface. The cool thing is that it sizes about 37 MB and is already integrating different word processor functions. In addition, It’s compatible with the Microsoft office, google drive, google sheets, google docs, and Adobe. The app has oodles of tools so that you can easily execute your task without relying upon any third-party applications.

Many jobs aspirants can try out a plethora of file formats like ppt, pot, zip, java. It supports up to 51 files format despite having a speedy performance. You can download it for offline usage, and as the best office app for android.

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF

One time $250/In-app purchases

officesuitepro is the most trusted app

OfficeSuite Pro is one of the most trusted apps out there. It is not free, as it comes with a one-time $250 installment fee. OfficeSuite Pro has been received the best rank by many websites in the office app category, and it also has been featured in google play’s editor choice a couple of times.

You don’t need this app unless the security is involved with your files. It has a feature like chat collaboration that seems quite valuable for gaining feedback. After going premium, The app unlocks you the 15 GB worth of free Google Drive storage in a stack; in other words, you won’t be able to avail yothe ur free cloud storage as a free member for free.

Microsoft Office Lens


Microsoft office lens scans printed documents

Microsoft Office Lens is the best run of the mill app lurking on google play store right now. Generally, It scans through business cards, whiteboards, and printed docs, generating the printed file into proper editable formats, which you can later share and save to Ondrive or your local drive. Apart from that, It lets you scan through handouts and interpret them in a word even when you go offline.

The app got downloaded over 10 million times and has topped the 2015 U.S best app category. It’s lightweight, scans, or converts pdf to words and doesn’t cost a dime despite having such a high functionality.

Google Drive

Free/ $0.99 – $980

As the name suggests, Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage platform to save tons of files for free. It can also scan your documents akin to Microsoft Office Lens. Being a very secured cloud storage app, it’s supporting loads of data format and numerous platforms use it as a third-party service. Using Google cloud, users can save files from local drive to the G-drive at a click of a button.
It has a bunch of security options to choose from; It restricts who can view files, edit or comment. Undoubtedly, google drive grabs lots of attention through its adaptive design, Easy to use mobile interface, and up to 15 GB worth of free storage.

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Trello – organize anything


Boosting productivity is a slow and tedious process that needs a sheer understanding of what you’re doing or which are the tasks to be done. Trello flexibly organizes the things and makes you aware once the jobs get across the finish line. You can do a lot with this app, like creating a checklist, to-do list, add a due date, and more. It’s undoubtedly a great tool to unmount some extra load off your life by throwing the tasks at it.

It’s not sort of a to-do list app, as It has a slew of other features that you can try out for free. Trello has been download over 1 Million times across the globe and earned positive feedbacks.



Evernote is a great writing tool

We have considered Evernote as one of the best writing tools that can surely be a great addon to shove your productivity. It’s completely free and equips with intricated writing tools allowing you to write up all sorts of stuff and share. It’s widely popular and is available on various platforms like windows, mac, android, and iPhone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or an entrepreneur. It has been an indispensable tool for many people. Anybody can have access to Evernote and churn articles out. So is it just another writing tool? – Well, It’s a lot more than that. Evernote can scan printed documents and open up the docs files, photos, and pdf and lets you connect with the community. It’s free up to 2 GB, but to use every tool and feature, you’ve got to subscribe to its monthly and annual plan, as it unlocks everything from scanning business cards to writing offline.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office app is not so different from the first two office suits apps that we’ve mentioned above; It upholds all sorts of files format. One thing that forced us to list this app here is its Compatibility with the other applications. It’s a compact app that sizes about 60 MP in size and is up for download on various platforms. It helps you in creating well-crafted articles, spreadsheets, slides, PDF, sheets, and lets you connect from anywhere on the go.

It’s been here for a while now and has already been downloaded over 100> million times worldwide. In case you’re wondering, how can this app offer so many features and tools for free?. So, We reviewed it a little further and knew that it is not a free app as it has some exceptions. So by going premium, you can remove the annoying ads and unwrap all the tools. Summing it all up, Polaris is an excellent app for the one who is ready to pony up.



Slack is one of the few apps that apt to bring collaboration and discussion into one place. It’s suited for small and large business owners who want to organize and synchronize the chat, projects, or anything that matters the most in work. Despite the nature of the file and size, with slack, you can easily create and share large files with no limits. Saving the chats and conversations will add fuel to your workflow.

You can integrate the slack with your favorite clouds like Google drive, zen desk, or dropbox and save your files up there. It has an easy to use layouts and tools all in one place to help you connect with trusted brands like Github or StackOverflow to interact within the App quickly.

Word Office


It’s another advance tool to edit and view Docx and create artistic slides. In other words, you can do certain things as you can do with Microsoft office. It’s a great tool for offline use, as it saves the data automatically while you’re busy typing your notes. You don’t need to tap up the saving button every single time you finish off writing in an office reader.

Unlike many other office suits apps, word office can open the pdf file but can’t annotate it. But you can edit and upload additional files like excels, ppt, pot, and save to your local folders or share with friends.

Removed from Playstore



wrike app handles tasks and lets you collaborate

Wrike is one of the most helpful apps that you can use to collaborate with the team and handle more significant projects. For instance, Wrike tracks the time spent on your task, so it may get easier for you to focus on the crucial details. It quickly sets and schedules the tasks in its intuitive interface, allowing to adjust projects in different layouts.

It peeps into your device’s folders and lets you load up images and files to tasks. This app is not free, as it clamoring for a considerable sum out of your pocket to use it to the fullest. To get started, all you have to do is sign up for free to have a sneak peek, and later you can go for suitable plans laid out for different business models.

That’s all. Thanks for reading the 10 best office apps for android to do the heavy lifting for you.

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